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Miniature Dachshunds
Dames & Sires

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

This is a preview of our Dames & Sires our of Miniature Dachshunds.  

My Dachshunds range between $1,800-$4,000.  Typically my dapples range from $2,500-$4,000, my piebalds or brindles range from $1,800-$2,500, and my solids or shaded range from $1,800-$3,200.  There are multiple factors I look at when it comes to my pricing.  It is based on demand, economy, costs, genetics, color, pedigree, and temperament of mom and dad. Obviously, I strive for the best in each of these but over the years there are certain traits that I must have in every breeding dog I have and then other traits that are bonuses that are found once they get to breeding age and have had previous litters such as ease of training of the puppy’s.  We work diligently starting at five weeks with the fundamentals of house and crate training prior to going to their forever home.


All of my Doxies are genetically Health, and PRA tested.  I specialize and breed only long-haired miniature dachshunds in a variety of colors.  I do not breed any other coat types or dilutes.   


All babies start going home at the age of eight weeks of age, once they have received their health certificates and their 8-week boosters- as long as everyone is thriving and is cleared by the vet


All puppies will be under a limited contract with no breeding rights unless worked out prior to leaving deposits and only on certain litters where rights are agreed-upon with other breeders.  All of my Doxies are preferred registered with limited registration (No Breeding Rights)


Under NO circumstances do I allow anyone in my home until the puppies are eight weeks of age and have had their first set of vaccinations. There is way too much at risk with diseases and viruses that people track in and out of our home whether it be on your shoes or your hands or even a piece of your clothing.  This is a risk that I will not under any circumstances take for anyone and put my puppies at risk.  I understand that some people may have a problem with this and I understand that I may not the right breeder for everyone and that’s ok.  I wish each and every one the best of luck finding their forever fur babies💛💛


I do not take any deposits until the puppies are born and I am assured by our vet that they are in excellent health and thriving. Once that happens, I will then put colored collars on each puppy to help with the selection of the puppy.  When selecting your puppy, I will provide you with the available collar colors and you then can select from those available colors.   I post everything on my Facebook Page and Good Dog.  We normally hold a puppy for ourselves and a donation to children that are ill, with special needs, or veterans with disabilities.

I require a $400 Non-Refundable deposit to hold the puppy of your choice by collar color and then the remaining balance will be due upon pick-up between eight to ten weeks depending on the development of the puppy.  *** I will under NO circumstances hold a puppy without a deposit***.


All of my puppies will be up-to-date on all shots and deworming.  They will come with their purebred Limited registration papers along with their Florida health certificates.  In addition, they will be Microchipped which comes with a paid lifetime subscription, and their welcome home puppy packs full of goodies and their special bankey that is rubbed down with mommy and littermates' scent.


I also do lots of photos and videos for all the new mommies and daddies-to-be up until the day of pick-up.


Also, please feel free to follow my public page. I always update it with upcoming litters, posts, pictures, and information along with pairing my mommies and daddies-to-be. It’s called:  

Facebook:  (20+) From the Heart Retrievers & Doxies | Ocala FL | Facebook


Good Dog:  From the Heart Retrievers and Doxies in Florida | Dachshund and Golden Retriever puppies | Good Dog

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